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How does B.H. Carroll save students money?
When new students indicate their top reasons for choosing to attend Carroll Institute, 82% answer affordability of tuition and fees. How is it that Carroll Institute is so affordable? First and foremost, we do not have a traditional brick and mortar campus. This keeps our overhead and operational costs to the bare minimum. Carroll has a hub of offices in Irving, Texas, but beyond that, when we offer classes in a traditional classroom setting it is through our partnership with churches. We don’t need to spend money on maintaining a large campus with multiple buildings. Every dollar we can save on lightbulbs, lawn care, janitorial supplies, new roofs, is just that much more money we can use to endow student scholarship funds for both Western students and students abroad. Carroll truly is a hyper-sustainable model because we can grow our student enrollment without maxing out physical space or spending the majority of our budget to “keep the lights on.”
How does having a degree in Theology help my personal ministry be more effective?
One of the most famous lyricists of the 20th century wrote and sang “the times they are a-changing” and with the speed of technology and the explosion of the information age, that is more true than he could have ever imagined. When one considers a call to ministry, one must realize that the call is to equip and train others. A theological degree is vital to the minister's ability to exegete scripture and apply it to the respective culture through a methodology that is both true to scripture and relatable to the culture. When you enter ministry or the mission field, there are countless conferences, books, seminars, training courses, and consultants offering a quick fix, rapid growth, or the next big thing. A theological education deeply helps you bury your anchor deep into the bedrock of scripture. This fastening in place keeps your ministry from being swayed by the fascinating and keeps you from looking foolish following a fad. Your ministry will serve others so much more powerfully and sustainably when you have worked hard to secure your own theological moorings. People can sense where your security and authority comes from and they don’t want to follow someone that is ill equipped or unprepared. The longevity of your ministry depends on a solid foundation and a theological degree can give your ministry the foundation upon which to build a lifetime of ministry.
How does B.H. Carroll help my marriage?
B. H. Carroll’s digital model of placing theological eduction back into the hands of the local church is uniquely formatted to cause less stress on a marital relationship. Traditional seminary uproots a family, often newly weds or new parents, and requires them to move half-way across the country or even halfway around the world.  You leave your support system of extended family, you leave your spiritual family and accountability of long term relationships. Often both spouses have to go to work to pay for housing, tuition, books, fees plus all the normal requirements of daily living. One spouse or both spend long hours away from the family to study, research, write, etc. while the other takes primary charge of the finances, the children, the general upkeep of the home. All the stressors can cause anxiety, resentment, and loneliness just to name a few. Pursuing an seminary degree through B.H. Carroll allows one to avoid all theses pitfalls and perils simply because you can get a degree from Carroll without ever leaving where you live and serve. Coupled with the affordability of a Carroll education the stress on a marriage is greatly decreased by the Carroll model of seminary.