Technology is ever changing, and it changes everything it touches. Students learn differently in a digital age than in a book age. Electronic books outsell hard copy books, and videos and images are viewed more than any other means of communication on the web.

Online education has grown exponentially in the last two decades. Carroll has offered online courses since its inception. In order to continue to provide quality online education and to incorporate current technology and pedagogical best practices, Carroll has a three to five‐year plan to develop and deliver the finest online courses worldwide. This plan includes personnel, hardware and software that will design and deliver accessible, achievable instruction on a digital platform.

Carroll hosts an accredited, world-class digital library. Gifts to the campaign provide instructional resources 24/7 available in five core languages. Carroll’s electronic resources could become the world’s largest digital theological library and will procure the growing digital resources on the Internet, making them available in one location for anyone to access at any time.