The Carroll Model

Meet Ashley
Ashley is a mom of two and works part-time. She's always wanted to have a better understanding of God's word but going to a traditional seminary isn't an option for her.
Specifically, she would like to learn Hebrew to gain a better grasp on God's original intent behind scripture.
Local Church
Ashley and her husband have been attending their church for some time, but it's in a small town.
Ashley talks to her pastor about becoming a teaching church.
B.H. Carroll
That's when Ashley discovers that B.H. Carroll offers a platform where she can take accredited courses through her local church.
Turns out, the church has space that goes unused throughout the week as well as internet access.
Ashley enjoys her Hebrew class so much she goes on to earn her Master of Arts in Theology.
In no time at all, Ashley's church is hosting accredited classes with visiting professors and online classes.
Now Ashley is equipped to serve others in her local church and neighborhood. She didn't have to relocate and she didn't have to go in debt.