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Statistically, young leaders are likely to launch into ministry with no theological foundation. These leaders have no roots to hold them in their faith when situations become hard or confusing. They're susceptible to trends and fads of the time instead of clinging to God's word. Learn More
Residential seminary enrollment is declining while expenses are increasing. The average seminary graduate launches into ministry with over $90k of debt. At B.H. Carroll we're proud to say that over 92% of graduates report graduation with no debt related to their education at Carroll. Learn More
Research shows that traditional theological education is steadily declining. The residential seminary model of the past will not work in the 21st Century. This unprecedented era calls for an unprecedented model of seminary education: The Carroll model. Learn More
The Carroll model is based on a network of teaching churches (not a central campus) connected via visiting professors and the Internet. The goal is to return theological education and practical ministry training back to local churches, while dramatically reducing the cost of obtaining accredited graduate degrees. Learn More
Carroll's online curriculum is part of what makes the Carroll model so powerful. Our online platform harnesses technology through an array of digital devices; making theological education accessible and affordable. Learn More
If you want to know what makes B.H. Carroll so unique, in terms of the integrity of theological education, you won't have to look far to find our people. Our team is what connects all the pieces of the Carroll Model. They are the gatekeepers that ensure our education platform continues to meet a high standard of quality. Our needs in this area are:
  • Secure four faculty chairs for the founding Senior Fellows.
  • Provide professorships to bolster our ability to attract and keep the best qualified professors in each field of study.
These academic personnel needs ensure that Carroll will continue to maintain the quality, experienced, and world‐class leaders to develop and guide the faculty and curriculum for the Carroll network.Learn More
We are living in an unprecedented time in human history. Disruptive technology has opened doors never before imagined and new ways to communicate the truths of Scripture. Technological advancement today is orders of magnitude greater than the invention of the printing press during the Reformation period. Our generation truly has been given a special place in God’s plan for humanity. We want to leverage the same technology and “connection economy” models  of world class organizations to change the world of theological education.Learn More
Online education has grown exponentially in the last two decades. In order to continue to provide quality online education and to incorporate current technology and pedagogical best practices, Carroll has a three to five‐year plan to develop and deliver the finest online courses worldwide. Our competency-based curriculum delivered on the highest quality learning platform is the foundation for equipping those called to serve Christ and his church anywhere in the world.  Learn More
Many who need and desire accredited theological education cannot afford the costs related to a graduate degree. Carroll's core value of "affordable" requires we partner with resourced students and churches to support our under-resourced students and churches.
  • Some of our majority world students lack the resources needed to access our face-to-face and online courses.
  • We deliver accredited theological education to Christ-centered leaders where they live and serve and in their first languages.
  • A gift to Carroll's Kindred Scholar Matching Fund will provide tuition scholarships and resources to aid our under-resourced students.
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Planned/Estate Gifts
Planned/Estate Gifts will enhance Carroll's endowment as well as fund some projects designated by donors in their estate plans.Learn More
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